Known for its simple and clean design, the UltraFlo hands-free multi-sensor faucet system eliminates the need for valves, stops and power outlets under each automatic faucet. Only one 3/8” line of pex or copper piping and data cable is needed for each hands-free faucet. There are no batteries to change, and everything is easily maintained at one central location, either in or away from the commercial restroom, resulting in a vandal-proof, cost-effective solution for the end user. This automatic faucet solution also includes the mandatory 1070 device which can mix water for up to eight sensor faucets.

Benefits of the UltraFlo Hands-Free Multi-Sensor Faucet System:

  • Simple and clean automatic faucet design (no cluttered pipes and wires)
  • Vandal proof
  • No controls, outlets, or batteries required at each sink
  • Competitively priced with other electronic faucets
  • Easily maintained at one central location (in or away from the commercial restroom)

UltraFlo moves all the pressure and valves to one secure location

UltraFlo removes the need for separate electrical boxes, batteries, stops and valves under the sink.


UltraFlo Systems can be maintained in one central location away from the restroom.