Welcome to UltraFlo

UltraFlo Systems designs centralized plumbing solutions for commercial and residential applications. Originally founded in 1955, the products are known for their simple, clean design, and use the latest technology to revolutionize the plumbing industry.


UltraFlo hands-free multi-sensor faucet systems can be installed into many commercial restroom situations. These hands-free faucet systems allow for centralized maintenance of all automatic faucets, in a location either in or away from the commercial restroom. There are no cluttered pipes, wires, or batteries, resulting in a vandal-proof and more cost- effective sensor faucet solution.


The UltraFlo residential one pipe plumbing solution is the smart, safe, eco water system.
Smart: Smart phones and digital touch pads manage the system
Safe: Water pressure moved to one area of the home Eco: Central system saves water and energy